Broad Chalke School

Development of a new Primary School in Broad Chalke, designed to meet the brief of school staff and governors. They wished for a building without corridors, with a central resource area and with natural light and ventilation to classrooms, to enable a positive environment to take the children of Broad Chalke through into the future.

To accommodate these wishes, the building was split into two elements containing classrooms with the resource area in the centre. This was orientated upon the site on a north south axis, so giving all classrooms either an east or west aspect. The school hall, which is used for assemblies and sport, is centred within the building, though set back to allow for out of hours access and community use. The school is built with traditional brick and flint walls but with large expanses of glazing between and indeed, the glazing spills out beyond the walls and extends the internal space out into the landscape. The roof is a low-pitched zinc roof, which is designed to ‘float’ above the glass and brick and flint walls. The height of the building has been kept low to minimise its impact within the valley. The south-eastern section of the building is curved sweeping the building back to the nursery and emphasising the focus back to the village.